Russell Crowe would be open to playing Jor-El in a Man of Steel prequel

With MAN OF STEEL a box office success and news of the sequel and JUSTICE LEAGUE being fast-tracked, it never occurred to me to think about the feasibility of a prequel. But, with Russell Crowe being a highlight (haven't said that in a while) as Jor-El in MAN OF STEEL, it has been a question on the minds of a lot of fans.

After being asked the question directly on his Twitter feed, Russell Crowe responded directly:

Zack Snyder and crew fully realized the planet of Krypton to such a degree that it almost would seem a waste to not revisit it. While a MAN OF STEEL prequel is wholly unnecessary, it would be an interesting project if it were to happen. A planet with thousands of years of history could be the setting for any number of tales. It would be the superhero equivalent to STAR WARS own KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC storylines.

While this is just fan-created buzz on the Internet, you never know what the studios may latch onto. Plus, they already have the go ahead from their presumed starring actor. What more could you ask?

Source: SF Gate



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