Russia to release Captain America without its famous name

International territories releasing CAPTAIN AMERICA were given two options by Paramount and Marvel in advance of their latest superhero flick. They could release the film as either CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER just like it will be in the US, or they could release it as just THE FIRST AVENGER. Even with a possible anti-American sentiment, almost all countries opted to keep the traditional name. All countries except for Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

Paramount and Marvel wouldn't comment on specifically why those three countries wanted to change the title but all three have a history of conflict with the United States (though oddly the US is supporting the Ukraine's request to join NATO despite the protests of Russia).

If you think those three countries opting to drop the CAPTAIN AMERICA from the film's title is drastic, consider China who may not release the film at all. They're only allowed to screen 20 foreign films in one calendar year and it's not expected to make the cut. (BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, in which the US gets destroyed by aliens, was a huge hit, however.)

For all our international readers out there, have you noticed any declined interest in the film in your countries?

Source: THR



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