Rutger Hauer will play Van Helsing in Dario Argento's Dracula 3D

While influential horror filmmaker Dario Argento (GIALLO, SUSPIRIA) hasn't made a great (or even good) film in decades, iconic Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, BLADE RUNNER) has been riding a nice wave of resurgence in recent years. Now, according to ComingSoon.it (via Twitch), the two will be teaming up for the director's upcoming DRACULA 3D.

Hauer will be playing the role of vampire ass-kicker Van Helsing in Argento's 3D adaptation of the famous Bram Stoker novel. The film - being shot on a $13.5 million budget - has yet to cast its titular bloodsucker.

The Italian filmmaker has had this to say about the project: "My Dracula will be a film full of feeling because Dracula is also sentimental... Dracula loves, hates, with strength, appeal and resolution, which reflects my way of making films." Let's hope the inclusion of Hauer will help revitalize the slumping horror maestro, because his last film, GIALLO, was hilariously awful.

DRACULA 3D begins shooting in Budapest on May 16th, and is set to open sometime in 2012.
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