Ryan Gosling in negotiations for lead role in Blade Runner 2

Ryan Gosling is shaping up to have one hell of a 2016. On top of starring in Guillermo Del Toro's HAUNTED MANSION and WHIPLASH director Damien Chazelle's new film LA LA LAND, The Wrap reports that he is also close to joining Harrison Ford in BLADE RUNNER 2.

Ridley Scott is producing BLADE RUNNER 2 which comes from a screenplay by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. Fancher wrote the original BLADE RUNNER and developed the idea for the sequel alongside Ridley Scott. Scott will not be directing the film and will hand over the reins to PRISONERS filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. There is no word on the film's plot or who Gosling will play, only that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard.

Gosling has been linked with tons of roles over the years ranging from superhero roles to a potential part in the new STAR WARS sequels. The actor is notoriously picky with his roles, so I think the chance to work with Villeneuve may be what sold him on the part. Hopefully the production snowballs from here and we get more names on board the project.

BLADE RUNNER 2 has no release date but production is aiming to start in Summer 2016.

Source: The Wrap



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