Ryan Gosling & Natalie Portman rock out in this trailer for Song to Song

I don't know about you, but I love me a good film centered around the trials and turbulence of the music industry. Two of my favorite films of the genre are Tom Hanks' THAT THING YOU DO, and of course, Cameron Crowe's ALMOST FAMOUS. I get really into this stuff; the in-fighting, the conflicts of creative genius, and oh the hangovers. It's a world that I might have known if my old band (I will not tell you our name for fear of you looking us up on Youtube) had ever taken off. We were good, but lazy. 

Thankfully, I get to live vicariously through cinematic exploits like SONG TO SONG, a new film by director Terrence Malick. The movie, which boasts a rather impressive who's who of Hollywood favorites including: Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, and Haley Bennett focuses on two intersecting love triangles fraught with obsession and betrayal in the Austin, Texas music scene.

I like what I'm seeing in this trailer. Malick's signature style really lends to the travel-worn, jet-setting excitement of being on tour, while Emmanuel Lubezki's cinematography gives this a dreamy, late-into-the-night vibe that reminds me of epic post-festival comedowns. 

SONG TO SONG is set to premiere at the South by Southwest Festival next month, and will then rock its way into theaters on March 17, 2017. Also to note is that Malick's World War II drama is also expected to be released later this year.


Extra Tidbit: I used to be a concert festival fiend. For my money, nothing was better than the ATP New York series. I attended that show five years in a row, and while there, saw life-altering performances by bands like: Iggy Pop, The Jesus Lizard, My Bloody Valentine, Portishead, The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Sun, The Books, Dinosaur Jr., and lots more.



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