Ryan Reynolds celebrates Deadpool's one-year anniversary with a crappy ad

One year ago we were finally treated to the DEADPOOL flick, and thus commenced the year of red spandex and meta humor. Seriously though, the love of this movie has continued even to this day, and star Ryan Reynolds is celebrating our year-long relationship with a thoughtful, splendidly vulgar ad for the one thing we all need: toilet paper.

Enjoy your gift below, and be ashamed you got him nothing in return.

Though I’m a Charmin man myself, I could definitely switch to Deadpool-brand toilet paper. No one understands shit like him, especially given his…ahem…potty mouth. I’m only kidding. But hey, if you don’t like that one I could start spewing some toilet humor. Ah…we have fun.

Last year had some comic book duds, but the ones that worked reaped the rewards, and though DEADPOOL wasn’t the biggest the movie certainly walked away as king. The upcoming sequel from director David Leitch will have a high bar to overcome, but as long as they can improve on the formula from the first there will be no need for toilet paper. Get it? Because it won’t be shitty.

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