Ryan Reynolds congratulates Avengers; posts rejection letter from Tony Stark

After narrowly beating THE FORCE AWAKENS’ opening weekend with an estimated $250 million, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is now the record holder for the biggest opening ever. This is no easy feat and deserves some recognition, and people in the industry are certainly tipping their caps. One such individual is DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds who took to social media to congratulate the Avengers team, while at the same time showing the letter he got saying he could not join said team. Way to take the high road, pal!

When news broke on Sunday of INFINITY WAR’s impressive cash flow Reynolds quickly took to social media to share his respect saying, “From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did. Congrats.” With it, he shared a gag letter his character, Deadpool, got from Tony Stark/Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) saying he couldn’t join the team, and to go bug Professor X of the X-Men.

Sadly, like many Marvel characters from the X-Men universe (as well as others), Deadpool has been owned by 20th Century Fox for years and has never been able to appear in an MCU movie with the rest of the Avengers. But, now that Disney has bought out Fox, the Merc With a Mouth may get to play with the big dogs like he always dreamed. Like my momma always said, “Keep reaching for the stars and maybe Disney will give you one when they eventually buy all of them.” 

Reynolds is a total mensch for passing on his congratulations - as are the many others who have done the same online. But Reynolds gets extra points for doing it in his own Reynolds-y way and capitalizes on the perfect timing given that DEADPOOL 2 opens soon. INFINITY WAR will do well these next two weekends, but DP2 will be the movie that topples the giant come the weekend of May 18-20, so it's a nice showing of civility before Deadpool becomes numero uno. 

DEADPOOL 2 arrives May 18,  and INFINITY WAR is in theaters now!

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