Ryan Reynolds & David Leitch talk the Deadpool 2 super duper cut at SDCC

Late Saturday night saw a packed house at the Horton Grand Theater for the first ever screening of DEADPOOL 2: The Super Duper Cut, which began with an introduction from Ryan Reynolds and David Leitch. After packing into the sardine-like theater (and no popcorn or soda to boot) the star and director took the stage and talked about the extended cut and how it came to be before debuting the film for the first time to audiences. Check that out above.

Now, if you're wondering just what was in the super duper cut and if it's worth the purchase when it hits blu-ray, here's a few notes that I gleaned from the screening. It has 15 minutes of additional content that ranges from different ADR jokes in some instances, extended scenes, new scenes and a modified post-credits (and additional post credit at the very end). I've only seen the movie once in theaters, so I may be off a bit on a few of these, but here's a rundown of what I noticed.


- Extended opening scene of Deadpool taking out the Yakuza guys, especially in the bathhouse, where the sequence goes on for a very long time, with the camera spinning around the action about 8 or so times with a shit ton of bloody takedowns. It's actually the coolest addition to the film and a welcome one.

- Extended scene of Deadpool in the kitchen at the X-Mansion riffing with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

- Extended scene of Cable's arrival to present day, including more poop talk with Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk.

- New scene of Cable gathering weapons in present day, which reminded me of a similar scene in Arnold's Commando.

- Extended scene of Julian Dennison being tortured at the kid's home.

- A whole bevy of extra punches, kicks, gunshots, etc. throughout.

- New music in various parts, including the final battle charge, which goes old school (I won't spoil it)

- Alternate takes for post credits, including Deadpool talking to Wolverine after he "kills himself" and appealing for him to come back as the character in a future Deadpool movie. Also, a different line for the Green Lantern script sequence.

- Most notably, the Baby Hitler scene is in the post credits now and the post end credits as well. Stay to the very end.

So, the question is, should I buy the Super Duper Cut or skip it? Well, I'd say just get it. It may take away from the lean-ness of the theatrical cut a bit, BUT the addtional content is a lot of fun and just adds to the mayhem and insanity, so why not just have it all? Makes the most sense to me.

DEADPOOL 2: The Super Duper Cut hits digital on August 7th and Blu-Ray/DVD on August 21st. PREORDER HERE!

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