Ryan Reynolds poses with the prototype Deadpool mask


This is a special day for DEADPOOL fans, as we are exactly one year away from an actual DEADPOOL film starring Ryan Reynolds hitting theaters! It's been a long road, for sure, and thanks to a lot of vocal fans who went effin' nuts for the demo reel that was leaked, we all had a part in making it happen. To celebrate the ocassion, Ryan Reynolds took to his Twitter account to show himself facing down one of the Deadpool mask prototypes.

From director Tim Miller, who did some second unit on THOR: THE DARK WORLD, down to it's lead actor and fans, this is absolutely one of those films that's a project of passion. In that regard, we all want it to be good and make all the money in the world. It's pretty unanimous that Ryan Reynolds was born to play the role, and if they can emulate the style and comedy of that leaked test footage, we're in for one hell of a ride.

DEADPOOL is scheduled to be released one year from today on February 12, 2016!

Source: Twitter



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