Ryan Reynolds to take on kidnap thriller tale Queen of the Night (plus, check out a concrete bit of plot info for Deadpool)

Ryan Reynolds thoughtful

While I loathed a lot of things about it (ending especially), BURIED did do one thing very right: it showcased Ryan Reynolds as having some serious f***ing acting chops.  And so I'm very much looking forward to seeing him explore that same sort of desperation and intensity in a non-boxed-in situation with QUEEN OF THE NIGHT.

Co-written and directed by Atom Egoyan (CHLOE, THE DEVIL'S KNOT), the thriller will see Reynolds produce as well as play a "father who discovers a series of disturbing clues eight years after his daughter is abducted, a trail that leads him to believe the now 17-year old girl is alive. He is determined to find her."

Said Egoyan: “I’m very excited about working with Ryan,” Egoyan said. “The richness of [Reynolds'] performances in such diverse films as Buried, Safe House and romantic fare such as The Proposal is extraordinary.”

Said Reynolds in return: "[Egoyan is] a provocative filmmaker [whose] films demand that we face what is most complex in our own psyches. Chloe, Felicia’s Journey and The Sweet Hereafter all possess the unique and careful touch of a true artist. I look forward to collaborating with him on this project and having an opportunity to observe his innovative directing style first hand.”

Said me: I'm glad we all love each other.  I love you too.  Now get to it, fellas.  This one sounds pretty damn good.

Atom Egoyan blue shirt

Extra Tidbit: The report also went a bit into the plot for DEADPOOL (if it ever happens): Wade Wilson [is] a smart-mouthed mercenary with terminal cancer who undergoes military experiments in an attempt to replicate Wolverine’s mutant healing factor. He comes away with the ability to heal quickly, but for the price of being indestructible he is rendered severely scarred.



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