Ryan Reynolds wants you to consider Deadpool for some Oscars in new video

On January 24 we will finally hear the nominations for this year’s Oscars, and some titles we can expect to be called out again and again are LA LA LAND, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, MOONLIGHT and more. Though those are terrific movies that people love, some still look at the Academy like a gang of old farts who will never nominate films that the general public has rallied around - like superhero movies. But that isn’t stopping DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds from using the movie’s revolutionary ad techniques in a last-ditch effort to convince the Academy there are many reasons why it deserves a Best Picture nomination, like how it has "seven magical unicorns".

Get convinced below!

Chances are we would be seeing this kind of video sprout up no matter what, as there were also some satirical ads posted last year when the movie came out in effort to get a last minute Oscar nomination. But this year the movie has blown awards watchers away by snagging not only nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor at the Golden Globes, but also getting coveted PGA, WGA and DGA nominations.

Though these awards have a tendency to nominate more mainstream flicks (lest we forget THE HANGOVER was not only nominated for Best Picture at the Globes, but also won), but what’s cool is this is the first time any comic book movie has gotten this much traction since THE DARK KNIGHT back in the 2008-2009 awards circuit. Many think it actually has a shot, and that this will be the movie to buck the trend. Still, despite how amazing it would be to hear DEADPOOL called on the morning of the 24th we probably won’t except the make-up category. The most we could maybe expect is Best Adapted Screenplay, but I fear this is yet another year where will have to put our kids to bed, having to explain to them why the world is such an unfair place. Because of old people, kids...because of old people.

Be sure to tune in on Janurary 24 for the full list of Oscar nominations as they're announced!

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