Ryan Reynolds wishes Josh Brolin happy birthday with Goonies reference

Pray that one day you have a friend as kind and generous as Ryan Reynolds, who will be sure to pull out all the stops on your birthday. Today is Josh Brolin's birthday, and Reynolds gave his DEADPOOL 2 co-star the greatest gift of all: art. Well. not his own art, but art done by his character (Deadpool) to Brolin's (Cable) that proves if you give Pool a paintbrush and he will show you your true self on the canvas. Oddly enough, Cable's inner self looks a lot like Brolin's character from the 80s classic THE GOONIES.

Reynolds wished Brolin happy birthday by posting the new pic to his Instagram, which shows Pool painting Cable like one of his French girls, and in the process delivering the meta-humor we have all come to enjoy and expect. Brolin turns 50 today, with Reynolds posting the caption "You don't taste a day over 40." Take a look below, and in case you were wondering, yes, the painting is for sale, and it costs $10 million dollars. Or a Costco crate of frozen chimichangas. Whichever is easiest for you to obtain illegally.

Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Feb 12, 2018 at 6:30am PST

The birthday wish is the most Deadpool thing ever, and along with the FLASHDANCE poster for DEADPOOL 2, adds another 80s spoof to the pile. That of course was followed by the big new trailer, showing off enough action to tide us over until the movie comes out three months from now. 

If the bond Brolin and Reynolds seem to have formed on the set of DEADPOOL 2 means anything it's that we can expect a hilarious dynamic between Cable and Pool in the sequel. They didn't spend too much time on screen in the new trailer, but surely there will be more footage of them in any new trailer that drops in the next month or so. Their relationship will no doubt make Jack and Rose from Titanic look like a couple of estranged divorcees.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives May 18

Source: Ryan Reynolds



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