Sacha Baron Cohen and Jemain Clement being eyed for Men in Black 3?

It most definitely slipped my mind that a MEN IN BLACK sequel was actually in the works, probably because the last film was released eight years ago and neither Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith are officially attached to the project at this point.

What the film does have however, is a script written by TROPIC THUNDER and IDIOCRACY’s Etan Cohen, and now we have a few more rumored cast members to throw into the mix.

We heard a while back the Josh Brolin was strongly being considered for a part (he’s still not officially on board yet though) and now Bloody Disgusting is reporting that insiders say Sacha Baron Cohen (BORAT) and Jemaine Clement (FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS) are being considered for a role in the film named, “Yaz.”

Now, since “Yaz” isn’t a letter of the alphabet, it can be assumed they’re not playing MIB agents, and really, just by looking at them, the obvious conclusion would be some sort of alien presence.

I think this whole project depends on Smith’s involvement, as I feel like they could replace Tommy Lee Jones if need be and not many would cry foul. A cocky kickass loudmouth isn’t exactly a stretch for Smith, so presumably he could shoot this thing in a month, and then go back to trying to win an Oscar again. We’ll see.

Extra Tidbit: The mind-eraser still stands as one of the coolest pieces of movie tech ever if you ask me.



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