Saints Row movie?

This will probably draw ire from the hardcore gamers out there, but as "crime simulators" go, I found last years SAINTS ROW 2 to be a much more satisfying and entertaining (if immature) experience than the acclaimed GTA 4.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean I think it would make a good movie. Even less so if it were made by rapper/attempted actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. But it seems as though he's trying anyway.

While promoting the release of his second game BLOOD ON THE SAND (following 50 CENT: BULLETPROOF), Sir Cent stated: "With my relationship with THQ, you'll actually see me develop Saints Row into a screenplay and into a film project. I'm optioning the rights to that now, so you'll see that before you see me attempt to do [a film adaptation of my games]."

The SAINTS ROW games put players in charge of the purple-clad Third Street Saints, to battle with other organized crime gangs for control of the fictional city of Stilwater.

Extra Tidbit: SAINTS ROW 2 featured voice work from Daniel Dae Kim, Eliza Dushku and Neil Patrick Harris.
Source: Gamespot



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