Salvation dir. cut

Of the many problems that plagued McGs TERMINATOR SALVATION, I never found myself saying "Needs more sex! Needs more violence!" But in case those were two of your chief complaints, the MPAA has just rated the director’s cut of the film R. What for? Take a look.

So what exactly got cut? McG talked about that a while back, and the only two new scenes we should be anticipating are Marcus stabbing a thug in the shoulder with a screwdriver, and a brief topless shot of Moon Bloodgood, which McG cut because it “felt more like a gratuitous moment of a girl taking her top off in an action picture, and I didn’t want that to convolute the story or the characters.” Yeah, well you certainly dodged that land mine.

So hooray for boobies, but I would have thought the movie could have benefitted further with some robots ripping human survivors limb for limb. But even though a PG-13 was a bit annoying at the time, it’s clear the film had problems far beyond anything a bit of added blood and breasts can solve.

Extra Tidbit: I still maintain the chief thing that destroyed this film was the revelation of Marcus as a robot in the trailer. SPOILERS!
Source: MPAA



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