Sam Jackson and Luke Wilson will be Meeting Evil

Working his way back from co-starring in BLONDE AMBITION with Jessica Simpson and pitching us crappy AT&T service, Luke Wilson has recently been getting back into actual films again and he's now set to star alongside Samuel L. Jackson in MEETING EVIL.

Jackson also hasn't been doing a terribly large amount of quality work lately (though he was great for five minutes in THE OTHER GUYS), and the duo is pairing with director Chris Fisher of (ugh) S. DARKO, and Leslie Bibb as Wilson's wife. What's it all about? Here's the synopsis of the original book from Thomas Berger:

Answering his door one morning, solidly middle-class John Felton finds a scruffy-looking man whose car is in need of a push. Responding helpfully despite his misgivings, John sets in motion a nightmarish series of events in which he becomes the unwitting accomplice of Richie Maranville, a psychotic criminal just released from a mental hospital. During their day-long crime spree, the two develop a curiously symbiotic relationship, with John ultimately discovering the dark, irrational side of himself he has long denied. While almost coming to believe Richie's assertion that they are psychic brothers, he makes a decision in the novel's final scene that lifts him forever above the "moral triviality" of his alter ego.

What the shit? Whatever, sounds intriguing I guess, so long as the twist ending isn't that Samuel L. Jackson was in his head the whole time.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever happened to Alan Tudyk in that TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL movie? That looked hilarious.
Source: The Wrap



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