Sam Jackson's Child

According to Screendaily, Samuel L. Jackson has joined the cast of Rodrigo Garcia's MOTHER AND CHILD. Already part of the cast are Naomi Watts, Annette Benning and Kerry Washington. In the film three stories intersect, one about a 50 year old woman, the daughter she gave up, and a woman looking to adopt one of her own. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (BABEL) exec produces.

I'm starting to wonder how close the world is to the point when Sam Jackson being cast in a movie ceases to be news. Because I'm already there. Every movie that I report on, I assume Jackson has a role. When it isn't mentioned I assume it is implicit. When I don't see him, I figure he was in costume. And I can't double-check with IMDb because look, I just don't think my computer has enough memory to handle his filmography. The sky has been in less films than this guy.
Extra Tidbit: A lot of people forget the great adverts he did with Jonathan Glazer for Barclays bank. HERE and HERE.
Source: Screendaily



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