Sam Mendes on the state of the Bond 24 script and why he came back to direct

Last we heard from Sam Mendes regarding BOND 24, the director was lauding the producer's decision to take it slow with the SKYFALL follow-up so that it could be done right. Since then, we haven't heard much but you could be sure someone would be asking more questions soon. IGN took it upon themselves to find out.

Asking about the status of the script for BOND 24, Mendes did not go into much detail, but what he did say should make fans of the series rest a little easier.

"The next one – it’s being written... It’s ongoing. For me, so much of it is about script. It’s like the building of a boat – once the boat gets on the current, it’s gone. If there’s a hole in the boat, you’re fucked. So you’ve got to make sure there’s no holes in the boat, and that’s what we’re doing now."

All too often we have seen highly anticipated movies fail due to poor scripts with major plot-holes. Hell, the entire CinemaSins and Honest Trailers series of videos would be nowhere if not for continuity issues and poor writing. If SKYFALL had any shortcomings, the writing was not one of them. But, to ensure BOND 24 lives up to that potential, I am glad to hear this news.

Sam Mendes also shared the motivation for his return to the 007 franchise was the opportunity to work with top notch actors.

"I was reminded what a fantastic actor he is outside of James Bond. It inspires you to think of other ways to use him and allow him to express that. Ralph Fiennes is another great example."

The casting of the Daniel Craig era of Bond movies has been nothing short of spectacular. With new additions in Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw alongside Craig and Fiennes, the future is looking bright for the secret agent.

BOND 24 is slated to hit theaters on November 6, 2015.

Source: IGN



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