Sam Raimi is heading to television to direct the pilot for Fox's Rake

Just after learning that Ang Lee would direct the pilot for the FX series TYRANT we have news of another major filmmaker jumping into the TV world. OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL director Sam Raimi will be taking the helm for Fox's pilot RAKE, starring Greg Kinnear in the title role. Raimi is no stranger to the world of TV having produced various series such as HERCULES, XENA, and the popular Starz' SPARTACUS.

Rake will be a remake of an Australian comedic drama from Peter Duncan and Peter Tolan, follows the chaotic and comedic life of criminal defense lawyer Keegan Joye (Kinnear), brilliant, frustratingly charming, and with zero filter. Duncan created the original Austrailian series and Tolan have previously created the Denis Leary series THE JOB and RESCUE ME. Raimi will serve as executive producer on the show.

Raimi has pretty much the pick of any project he wants right now since OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL has opened as huge as it has. Raimi, like Ang Lee, may be looking for something a little smaller scale to bide time before jumping into the next huge endeavor. Plus, you can't go wrong getting that executive producer credit.

On the flipside, RAKE doesn't sound like anything that special or unique. The last thing we need is another cop or lawyer show. This sounds an awful lot like HOUSE minus the doctors. I guess I have enough faith in Raimi as a director to make it an interesting pilot, but it is on Fox, so you never know.

Source: Deadline



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