Sam Raimi's next? The Shadow knows. Maybe.

Sam Raimi may have left one comic character behind. Did he trade spinning webs for sidearms and a scarlet scarf?

For a few years now, Raimi has held the rights and been attached as producer on another big-screen adaptation of old-school pulp character THE SHADOW, but now that his schedule is no longer gummed-up with wrist-jizz, perhaps he'll get behind the camera for the project.

IESB claims Raimi flipped for the recent draft of the dark pistol-packing crimebuster. They also have a rundown of the script, which sounds like a hard-R action blast complete with capable heroine, colorful associates, a quality villain, plentiful gunplay and fisticuffs, and bad guys literally getting ground into burger.

The project is set up at Spidey's home Sony, which means Raimi and the studio might still be playing nice for the sake of business. The question would be if Raimi is willing to deliver something commercially palatable and different enough to avoid comparisons to the dreadful THE SPIRIT.

The character was last seen in 1994, when Alec Baldwin donned the slouch hat to play the mind-clouding felon-killer, with sidekicks Peter Boyle and Jonathan Winters assisting and Sir Ian McKellan wishing he was in Middle Earth.

Extra Tidbit: It does kinda seem like Raimi already effectively covered a similar aesthetic with DARKMAN (which I consider one of the greatest comic movies of all time, despite not being based on a comic).
Source: IESB



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