Sam Raimi's Poltergeist reboot finds a screenwriter

Sam Raimi's POLTERGEIST reboot has been rumored for a while now, but it seems that it finally has some traction. Screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire has come on board the project which definitely shows that Raimi has some investment in the project.

Lindsay-Abaire has written the adaptation of the play RABBIT HOLE as well as Raimi's upcoming OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. He was also working on SPIDER-MAN 4 before that fell apart. He recently confirmed his involvement with POLTERGEIST at a screening for RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, which he co-wrote with William Joyce.

Lindsay-Abaire told Shock Til You Drop that he is writing the screenplay from scratch but will respect the original 1982 version. Does that mean we will get a darker take on the story or something closer to the original?

POLTERGEIST is a great horror movie. It really boils down to E.T. with ghosts, which is a good thing. Tobe Hooper (and/or Steven Spielberg, depending on who you ask) did a great job of directing the movie and keeping it scary without resorting to cheap thrills. It was probably the last wholesome horror movie, maybe the only one.

With the remake train chugging along with both CARRIE and THE EVIL DEAD looking damn good, who knows if POLTERGEIST will continue that trend.

Extra Tidbit: No word on whether Sam Raimi will direct, but how awesome would that be?



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