Sam Rockwell in talks for lead in Sam Raimi produced Poltergeist remake

Y'know, Sam Rockwell is just an all around likeable actor. His name being attached to any project is almost always a bonus as he brings a credibility and energy to his performances each and every time. From MOON to CHOKE to IRON MAN 2 to SNOW ANGELS and more, Rockwell has shown that he can play any number of roles, crazy, cool, slimy, conniving, smart, etc., the guy is just a blast to watch. So, with his name being at the top of the list for the lead in the remake of Tobe Hooper's POLTERGEIST, I now have a reason to pause. Before that, it was just another remake, even with Sam Raimi producing and star Rosemarie DeWitt (whom I also think is a fine actress) on board, it wasn't enough to get me excited.

The Wrap is reporting that Rockwell is weighing a few projects now and may take the lead in POLTERGEIST, which is being directed by Gil Kenan (MONSTER HOUSE), a role that originated with none other than Craig T. Nelson, the head of the Freeling household (although it would be the Bowen's in this iteration), who suddenly find their home haunted by ghosts. The original is a definitive classic, especially with the whole "they're here" thing going on from the late actress Heather O'Rourke. If my kid ever stares at a TV screen and tells me that, we're just gonna move. End of discussion.

POLTERGEIST is expected to get underway soon with an eye towards release in 2014. Rockwell will next be seen in A SINGLE SHOT, which opens on September 20, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Rockwell owns in Seven Psychopaths. Go see it if you haven't already. Great stuff!
Source: The Wrap



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