Samuel L. Jackson, it seems that you have lost your Avengers script

A bad motherf*cker like Samuel L. Jackson would never lose his script for THE AVENGERS, right?

Obsessed with Film received an email from an anonymous source who claimed to have a copy of the shooting script for Joss Whedon's AVENGERS. The super secret emailer said that the 129-page script included the Marvel Studios letterhead and that the pages bore a watermark with the actor's name who the leaked script belongs to. Then the anonymous contact said that he was looking to negotiate.

Of course, Obsessed with Film was curious about the authenticity of the script. First they asked for some photographic proof. Really, they just wanted to know who would be the one getting in trouble. The tipper then sent exactly what was asked and said this:

"I have one hard copy that I am looking to sell and I will not be making any copies, therefore exclusivity is guaranteed. Considering that the release of The Avengers is over a year away this script should generate a substantial amount of traffic for the website that acquires it." Well, no shit.

Who lost the script? Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson. There's also the chance that someone took it, then again maybe after having a double-double at In-N-Out Burger he accidently left his copy of the script in the bathroom. Whatever the situation, the script looks pretty damn real. You can check out the photos yourself and read about the early stages of Bruce's intense transformation.

Extra Tidbit: Which script would you pay for-- THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE AVENGERS, or SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL?



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