Sam Jackson reveals Nick Fury will have a different look in Captain Marvel

Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t been seen as Nick Fury in several years, not since his brief appearance in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON in 2015. Where has he been? Has be been hanging out with another superhero team in a “second family” scenario? All we know is he will be featured in the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL, but according to Jackson, this Fury will look like a whole new man.

During an interview with AV Club where Jackson talked about his past roles, the topic eventually came to the actor’s recent work as Nick Fury. He revealed that since this movie takes place about 20 years in the past, Fury will look much different than we’ve seen him before.

We’re going back now, and I meet Captain Marvel in more of an origin story. You’ll see Nick Fury with another guy’s face, somebody that’s got two eyes, so that’s a whole big deal. You’ll see. It’s prior to the eye injury, no eye patch.

We sort of got more a backstory to Fury's damaged eye in CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER where Fury said, "Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye." We then see him lifting up his eyepatch towards the end of the movie to show a scarred, colorless eye. Like, it was one of those things where it's kind of gross, but you also wanted to keep looking at it. 

CAPTAIN MARVEL is set to take place sometime in the 90s, years and years before the MCU as we know began with IRON MAN back in 2008. Fury will most likely have his eye(s) on Danvers much like has the other heroes in the world, but other than that, his exact role in the movie is up in the air. Perhaps he will aid her in her battle against the Skrulls, which will now be much easier for him to do since he'll have better depth perception.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is being directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, with a script from Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, and is set for a March 8, 2019 release.

Source: AV Club



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