Sandler golf suit?

I'll be honest: I used to think Adam Sandler was funny. I laughed at his schtick on "Saturday Night Live," loved BILLY MADISON and even thought HAPPY GILMORE was pretty funny. But that was just about the end of it. Hasn't been much since that I've been a fan of. Even as a modest fan of HAPPY GILMORE though and a thoroughly mediocre golfer, it never occurred to me to actually try some of the shit that Gilmore's character does on the golf course in the movie. Unfortunately one Canadian lacked that simple common sense.

At a bachelor party in Nova Scotia, Travis Hayter had been downing some beers, sipping some tequila and puffin on some doobies before teeing off at a local golf course (according to court documents this included one joint, nine beers and about six shots of tequila). At around the 16th hole Hayter thought it would be hilarious to pull a HAPPY GILMORE, which was later described as "running from five to ten feet behind the ball and hitting it on the run." As you might expect, the ball didn't launch off the tee like a cannon as in the movie but instead drove straight into the ground and ricocheted up hitting a groundskeeper in the wrist and chest causing permanent nerve damage. Because of the injury, the man was unable to return to his job tending to the golf course and filed suit.

Hayter was found liable by the judge and ordered to pay the defendant $225,000 in damages. This is what you get when you take sports advice from a movie. I'd also recommend not throwing wrenches at people to train for a dodgeball tournament.

Extra Tidbit: If you're playing golf, I implore you to leave the CADDYSHACK and HAPPY GILMORE quotes at home. Please.
Source: THR



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