Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy to team up for cop buddy movie for director Paul Fieg

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy will team up for an untitled cop buddy flick from director Paul Fieg (BRIDESMAIDS).  Written by Parks and Recreation's Katie Dippold, the film the movie "details the strained working relationship between an uptight FBI agent, played by Oscar winner Bullock, and an unconventional Boston cop, played by Oscar nominee McCarthy."

Bullock is no stranger to comedy and has been doing kooky girl comedies long before she was winning golden statues for bossing around football players while rocking a mini-skirt (see: THE PROPOSAL, ALL ABOUT STEVE, MISS CONGENIALITY).  She'll likely tackle this project after wrapping Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, while McCarthy is busy filming the new Seth Gordon comedy IDENTITY THIEF with Jason Bateman.

Although this likely won't go before the lens until later this year, I think the team-up is a great comedic pairing and it's nice to see two strong female performers in a buddy cop flick as I think I've already seen every possible scenario of male performers in this genre.  Let's see what the ladies can do. 

More as this develops.

Extra Tidbit: I think McCarthy has the potential to really break out if she plays her cards right and that'd be a cool thing to see happen. What do you think of her success thus far?
Source: Deadline



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