Sandra Bullock gets political for Our Brand Is Crisis trailer

It's hard to avoid politics, even if you wanted to at this point, in the United States. We're still more than a year away from the 2016 Presidential election, and it consumes the news cycle on a daily basis to the point of ridiculousness. It can be downright exhausting for good reason, listening to candidates (many who have no business running) jockey for position among their voter base in order to raise more funds, that, by the time, Election Day finally does roll around, too many people will just want no part of the process.

However, there's a good message that resides in this first trailer for David Gordon Green's OUR BRAND IS CRISIS, which is that voter turnout does matter and votes count. Even when it feels like it doesn't, being an active participant in choosing your government and the direction your country takes should be every citzen's civic duty.

Wait... I'm preaching, aren't I? Sorry... Sometimes it's necessary in this area in order to help talk people off the apathetic ledge.

In any event, you'll get a good look at how political strategists work in order to drum up votes for their candidates' causes, taking the journey with Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton. Hopefully the film will help put certain things in perspective about what truly is important when an election season rolls around and why you should be paying close attention to who these candidates are, what they want to do and how that may affect your future, beyond their standard talking points.

Damn, that was a lot of seriousness.

Okay, now something for your eyes...

OUR BRAND IS CRISIS, from producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, will have its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Special Presentations, and then should provoke some thought as it hits theaters on October 30 - the perfect Halloween movie if you ask me.

Source: Warner Bros.



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