Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals her Star Wars Rebels role

We don't have to wait any longer to find out who Sarah Michelle Gellar will be voicing in Season 2 of STAR WARS REBELS... and it won't be Princess Leia. 

After sending the internet into a frenzy with a teasing Instagram post not too long ago that had many believing she's be taking over for Carrie Fisher in the animated galaxy as her Royal Highness, Gellar's true nature on the show is far from being a part of the Rebel Alliance.


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Instead the former BUFFY star will be playing the Seventh Sister, a new Inquisitor, whose mission is to track down Ahsoka Tano and the rest of the Rebels and kill them. In addition, she'll be equipped with a spinning, double-bladed lightsaber, much like Jason Isaac's Inquisitor wielded in Season 1.

Gellar will have an opportunity to work with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., who voices Kanan Jarrus, in the midst of the STAR WARS Galaxy. She tells Buzzfeed that “she definitely plays cat-and-mouse with Kanan,” so get ready for some husband-and-wife lightsaber battles over at that household to find out who has to unload the dishwasher on a nightly basis.

Hey, any time you can add Buffy the Vampire Slayer to your world, it should be a good thing. Let's hope it shakes out that way here, too.

Season 2 of STAR WARS REBELS premieres on Disney XD on October 14.

Source: Buzzfeed



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