SATC 2 coming

True story. I went to the movies to see THE STRANGERS. It was early on a Friday, maybe 11ish. I was stopped on the way in by two older MILFish looking women, who were dressed to the nines and carrying handfuls of shopping bags from the mall. "Would you take our picture?," they asked. Umm, OK... So they struck various poses in front of the SEX AND THE CITY movie poster as I snapped away. Turns out they purchased these dresses specifically for the movie and had been up shopping and drinking mimosas since 6am getting ready for SATC. It was around that time, I knew that SEX AND THE CITY was gonna be huge. And a huge movie can only mean one thing: sequel. Well my SATC friends (fanladies?) will be happy to know that a sequel to SEX AND THE CITY is in the works. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the project is in development at Warner Bros. (no longer New Line where the first film originated) and the studio is hoping to fast-track the project while enthusiasm is still high. They also say that Sarah Jessica Parker and her co-stars are "taking a cautious attitude towards another film" weary of rushing into production and disappointing the legions of fans. But what else is left for the SEX AND THE CITY girls to do?

Extra Tidbit: How about SEX AND THE CITY VS. PREDATOR?



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