SATC 2 poster

I've never seen an episode of "Sex and the City" and I never saw the SEX AND THE CITY movie. So I won't pass judgment on this new teaser poster for SEX AND THE CITY 2. OK, I won't pass MUCH judgment... I will say it sports a rather catchy tagline ("Carrie On") and the obligatory giant "2" that we see so often in sequel posters. But is there a reason that the deserts of Egypt seem to be reflecting in Sarah Jessica Parker's glasses? Does she move to Dubai for the sequel? (UPDATE: BTW, I was totally joking but as it turns out, they really do go to Dubai for the sequel...) Who knows. I'm rambling. The movie opens in May but you can check out the teaser poster below courtesy of Moviefone.

Extra Tidbit: I happened to be at the theater on opening day of the original SATC movie and a bunch of MILFy women (who were drunk at around 10am) asked me to take a group picture.
Source: Moviefone



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