Saw 4 goodies

I'm not a huge horror fan, but I think the SAW movies are pretty good. I don't so much think that the concept of Jigsaw's character, or his methods are anything special, but I like that I'm usually impressed by the endings, which as we all know, usually makes us forget about anything stupid that happened before. At the very least, I don't feel like I've wasted two hours once the credits roll, which seems to happen more and more with movies nowadays.

Anyway, FEARnet has landed an early scoop on SAW 4, and also some photos from the set. They don't do much and there's nothing really juicy in them, but I know how excited an obscure picture of Heath Ledger got me (not the fake ones, the one where he's stood outside a trailer), and while SAW 4 is no THE DARK KNIGHT (or even close), you horror fans might get a Heath Ledger-sized kick out of them! Click HERE to check 'em out.
Extra Tidbit: To promote SAW 3 and raise some money for the Red Cross, Tobin Bell donated 2 vials of his blood.
Source: FEARnet



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