Saw blood drive art

Not much is certain in the world these days. Just about the only thing we can count on is that a new SAW movie will hit theaters every year. Do you ever see the SAW franchise stopping? I mean at this point they might as well go for the record for most sequels ever. I suppose they'd need to chase the James Bond series, which will be tough, but if they keep cranking out one-a-year, they'll have Bond in about 20 years. With every SAW release in October also comes a blood drive that Lionsgate and Yahoo throw to a) help promote the movie and b) help promote the movie. I suppose someone in there is also concerned about getting people to donate blood, but I can't be quite sure. While I could give a hot shit about SAW V or whatever number we're at, I do always look forward to the blood drive posters just to fulfill my sexy nurse fetish for the day. Yahoo has premiered the poster for this year's SAW blood drive and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect! A hot chick dressed like a nurse. No go slap that vein and give some blood ya bastard...

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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