Saw V release date

Saw IV Ever since the release of SAW II, we've been wondering about the release of SAW V. Namely, whether we'd be having a fourth sequel to the SAW franchise next year or whether they'd take a year to rest before they gave us another four movies back to back. Of course, the franchise is an enormous cash cow so we should have figured Lionsgate would keep pumping yearly installments until they stopped opening at number one, which at this point seems to be around SAW XXV or SAW XXVI. All this is to say that the David Hackl directed and Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton scripted SAW V has got itself a release date, at least according to Maple Pictures, Lionsgate's Canadian distribution arms, and its October 24th, 2008. It's coming, folks, and it'll keep coming for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Roger for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: How long do you guys think they'll realistically keep this going? 8? 9?
Source: Maple Pictures



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