Scarlett Johannson spreads her legs and kicks ass in this red band Lucy clip

When the trailer for LUCY first hit, I was pleasantly surprised. While it doesn't look like the best movie ever made, it definitely looks like a solid bit of fun. Scarlett Johannson has already proved she can kick ass as Black Widow, so why not give her a gun and her own superpowers and see what happens?

This new red band clip from LUCY has all of the ingredients for a great action movie: a sexy girl, some serious action, bullets whizzing by, and just the right amount of blood. The fact that the girl is the one kicking ass here makes it all the better as there is a sore lack of female led action movies out there.

LUCY looks like it could easily be the surprise hit of the summer movie season. It has a solid cast with Scarlett Johannson and Morgan Freeman and the reliably over-the-top direction of Luc Besson. With a slight scifi bend to it, LUCY could easily be the next TAKEN or TRANSPORTER and kick off a potential female-led action franchise.

LUCY hits theaters on August 8th.

Source: YouTube



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