Scarlett Johansson is definitely in Iron Man 3

Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow

I suppose that this is, in a way, a spoiler for THE AVENGERS as it tells us that a particular character will survive the cosmic shenanigans Loki sets into motion during that movie. But the fact of the matter is that a casting sheet for IRON MAN 3 has Johannson's name stamped right on it, meaning that Joss Whedon's heartbreaking habit of suddenly killing off someone just when you really started to root for them will not include Black Widow. This time around, anyway.

"... Scarlett Johansson will return from 'Iron Man 2' playing Natasha Romanoff aka 'The Black Widow,' and Gwyneth Paltrow plays Stark’s closest friend, love interest, and business partner Pepper Potts. Don Cheadle, who replaced Terrence Howard after the first 'Iron Man,' returns as Lt. Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes – Stark’s personal pilot, chief aviation engineer for Stark International, and one of Stark’s closest friends."

Now, if you actually happen to live in the greater Wilmington, North Carolina area I'd strongly recommend heading on over to look at the rest of the casting information right here - there's going to be plenty of work available both for supporting talent and extras, and with production scheduled to run from May 21st through September 7th there's a fair amount of time therein to do some feature film work.

Good luck!

Scarlett Johansson as a blonde

Extra Tidbit: This does raise the question: would Marvel actually be willing to (at least temporarily) kill off a supporting character in their interconnected universe of awesomeness?



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