Schwartz's Adventure

Going on any adventure with Jason Schwartzman sounds fun, especially if it's anything like Darjeeling Limited, or if it also includes Jason Segel and Jonah Hill.

Schwartzman talked a little bit about THE ADVENTURER'S HANDBOOK, “We’re doing it, I believe, in Spring. It’s the opportunity to work with people who I respect a lot, like Jonah and Jason and Akiva [Schaffer]. Those are the kind of things you look for [in a project]; to work with people who are funny, talented and smart. It’s also a really funny movie, and a lot happens.” HANDBOOK is being directed by HOT ROD and SNL director Akiva Schaffer. I don't know about any of you, but I really enjoyed HOT ROD. Andy Samburg is hilarious, and anything that has Danny McBride in it is automatically that much funnier. I still haven't seen LAND OF THE LOST yet though.

HANDBOOK is originally a book about four friends who basically loathe their adult lives and decide to go on a globe spanning adventure together. Schwartzman says, "It’s very crazy and wild. It’s just a good, unexpected adventure movie." The character is true to life almost as he plays a burned-out Grammy winner. The actor actually has been a part of the music scene for awhile now with playing drums for a bit with Phantom Planet, his own band Coconut Records, and scoring FUNNY PEOPLE. He quickly mentioned not wanting to spoof the music industry, “I’m not gonna spoof. No, I don't ever try to spoof anything. I’m going to approach it as honestly and sincerely as I can, and try to be a guy who’s a successful musician. Because it’s a really delicate script; I don’t want to tip it too far and make it like a big joke. It’s not a spoofy kind of movie, but I will be playing quite an interesting fellow.”

He's also excited about his hair in the movie. I wonder if he will have the Art Garfunkel look.

Extra Tidbit: I say Charlie Day as the fourth friend. What do you guys think?
Source: MTV Movie Blog



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