Schwarzenegger confirms Terminator role; says Triplets script is almost done

Some time ago sci-fi fans almost had an asthma attack over the news that another TERMINATOR movie was in the works, this time with series creator James Cameron working behind the scene as producer. Those not fulfilled by TERMINATOR: GENISYS were rekindled with hope that this could mean the series could regain some of its glory. Also on the thought docket is whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger would be involved, but thanks to the man himself we now have a full answer.

While talking with Screen Daily about several different projects, Schwarzenegger dished on meeting with Cameron to discuss the project, and thus confirmed he will indeed be in the movie:

It is back. It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie.

It was announced back in January that Cameron will regain certain rights to the series in 2019, and has since been talking with DEADPOOL director Tim Miller about doing a “reboot and conclusion” to the series. As well the movie’s producers will meet with many “top-flight” science fiction authors to figure out where the story should go creatively. It may require actually going back in time just to get rid of the last movie or two.

On top of confirming TERMINATOR news, Arny brought up how filming for TRIPLETS, a sequel to his hit 90s comedy, TWINS, could begin filming pretty soon with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy joining him, and with original director Ivan Reitman involved:

The script will be finished in a month. It’s just around the corner.

Man of few words, but the news he dropped is pretty big. The last TERMINATOR movie didn’t exactly do the action star any favors, so hopefully whatever the team cooks up can honor the character’s legendary status and end the series right. As for TRIPLETS, it may not be the sequel everyone’s clamoring for, but by god do I wanna see those three on screen together. Who knows if it will actually make it to screen, but what an interesting thing to see. It all boggles the mind.

Source: Screen Daily



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