Schwarzenegger finds a bad guy for his next film

While the internet is mostly abuzz about Arnold Schwarzenegger's other just announced project, he still has the action-drama THE LAST STAND on his schedule and that project has found itself a bad guy to enter the annals of classic Schwarzenegger bad guys. Peter Stormare will play the head of an eight-man enforcer team sent to dispatch Arnold and crew from a small town (Arnie is the sheriff and doesn't plan to take any of their guff).

Stormare is no stranger to playing bad, strange dudes so we don't expect the role will be much of a stretch but he'll be in good company alongside actors like Richard Tyson, James Earl Jones, Charles Dance, Michael Ironside and, sure, Richard Dawson.

It looks like Schwarzenegger will start work on EXPENDABLES 2 first in October and then segue to THE LAST STAND later this year (both are Lionsgate films so they're happy to accommodate both films on the actor's schedule). Then, of course, comes the possibility of another TERMINATOR film somewhere further down the line.

And while we're talking about it, who's your favorite Schwarznegger villain?

Source: Variety



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