Scooby-Doo is returning in an animated feature-film

If you've been eagerly anticipating another Scooby-Doo film since 2004's last live-action iteration, you're in luck! Warner Bros. is bringing the gang out of TV and back into theaters with an animated feature in 2018! Tony Cervone will be the man directing as he's had more than his fair share of animation work this past decade. His most recent effort includes Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery, so feel free to start getting excited now!

Producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, who previously worked on AMERICAN HUSTLE, will be heading up this feature, so it's possible we may see a version of Scooby-Doo that's a touch different. I'm thinking Bradley Cooper as Fred, Jennifer Lawrence as Daphne and Christian Bale as Scooby himself, but that's just me.

This Scooby-Doo feature is already scheduled to hit theaters on September 21, 2018.

I'd pay to see Kevin Smith's live-action take on Scooby-Doo. On second thought, I already did!

Source: Deadline
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