Scorsese hints at reuniting with De Niro for a future mafia flick

During a press conference for SHUTTER ISLAND over the weekend, Martin Scorsese fielded a number of questions on an array of topics, but one from a Kurdish TV reporter stood out.

"When are you going to make your next big Mafioso film, something like 'Goodfellas 2'?"

Surely, no one was expecting a GOODFELLAS 2 release date, but after laughing a bit, Scorsese did have an actual answer.

Scorsese said he had nothing more to add to the genre before revealing that he and Robert De Niro were talking about "something that has to do with that world. No doubt about it. But it's from the vantage point of older men looking back."

So this is an absurdly small amount of detail to go off of, but it is a clue that Scorsese and De Niro are seriously considering returning to the genre that cemented their place in cinematic history. I highly doubt this would by a direct “sequel” to any of his past films, but I suppose anything’s possible.

In any case, I thought this info was worth highlighting, but clearly this is going to be a LONG way off if it does come to pass. First, I’m very curious to see the master’s take on psychological horror this weekend...

Extra Tidbit: I'm sure he'll figure out a way to work Leonardo DiCaprio in there somehow.
Source: THR



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