Scorsese rocks 'n' rolls

After working with him on the upcoming documentary and using his song "Gimme Shelter" in just about all of his films, Martin Scorsese is looking to get back in business with Mick Jagger. Scorsese and Jagger are working on a rock 'n' roll epic for Paramount titled THE LONG PLAY to be written by recent Oscar winner William Monahan. The film follows two friends as they make their way through 40 years of music through old school R&B to hip-hop. The film is based on an idea by Jagger who approached Scorsese with the concept. He was intrigued and they brought aboard Rolling Stone (the magazine) writer to work on research. The project was originally set up at Disney but as you might expect from a film Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are working on, it ain't exactly kid friendly. Scorsese still hasn't decided on his next project though he's certainly got a lot of options what with this film, THE LAST DUEL, SILENCE, THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET and a potential DEPARTED sequel.

Extra Tidbit: The Stones are also planning a RUBY TUESDAY animated movie that would feature at least 12 of their songs.
Source: Variety



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