Scott Adkins to star in comic-book adaptation Accident Man

After seeing Scott Adkins in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING (basically what would happen in David Lynch decided to make an action movie) I thought he was poised to make it into the big leagues. Not only was he a badass who could obviously fight, but he also showed an acting prowess above what we expect from our action stars (I'd say he was even good). Admittedly he's been steadily starring in direct-to-VOD actioners (with titles like RE-KILL and CLOSE RANGE), and even had some bit parts in some big movies (mostly as henchmen, like in EXPENDABLES and the recent DOCTOR STRANGE), but he's never seemed to break that barrier into starring in bigger movies as the main attraction.

However, that all might change! He's going to star in ACCIDENT MAN, which admittedly sounds like the lamest superhero ever. Instead, it is a comic-book adaptation about a hit man who makes all his hits look like accidents, who then must avenge the death of his ex-wife.

Honestly, I hope the best for Adkins. If nothing else, this should be a fun movie as it also stars other action stars who have the talent, but haven't seemed to break out of the "B-Movie, bit part now-and-then" ghetto: Ray Stevenson (PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, THOR) and Michael Jai White (SPAWN, THE DARK KNIGHT).

So what about you guys? Any fans of Adkins? And if so, what are some of his films worth checking out?

Extra Tidbit: Scott Adkins was Deadpool at the end of WOLVERINE: ORIGINS (when he somehow got his mouth sewed shut), subbing in for Ryan Reynolds.
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