Scott Adkins would love to play a part in Patrick Hughes' The Raid remake

Yeah, I'm not happy about THE RAID remake either, but all we can do is hope it will be just as vicious as the original. And hey, at least Gareth Evans is executive producing the remake, and maybe director Patrick Hughes will find some actors who actually know martial arts.

Scott Adkins definitely knows a thing or two about throwing down. Total Film recently asked the actor if he's a fan of Gareth Evans' film, and if he's at all interested in the remake.

"I’m a huge fan, I’m a massive fan, and this is no secret: I’m friends with Gareth. And, absolutely, of course I would love to, that’s all I’ll say at this point."

Total Film then asked Adkins if the remake is something he's talked about with people working on the project.

"I’ve spoken to Gareth about it, he’s an executive producer, he’s going to let other people create their version of it, he’s not going to get too involved. I know Gareth would like to work with me in the future – hopefully that does happen. I’m a massive fan, I cannot wait to see Raid 2. Just yesterday we watched that deleted scene, how amazing is that for a deleted scene? The guy is a poet, the guy is a poet. he’s so much more than an action director." 

If there needs to be a remake of Gareth Evans' film, I have no problem with Scott Adkins appearing in this version of THE RAID. BRICK MANSIONS, the upcoming remake of DISTRICT B13 looks decent, so maybe there's hope for THE RAID remake. Hey, I'm just trying to stay positive here. Worst case scenario we get a shitty English version of THE RAID, and it'll just make us appreciate the original even more.

Extra Tidbit: Would you feel better about the project if Scott Adkins was playing the lead in THE RAID remake?
Source: Total Film



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