Scott Derrickson shares funny story about how he heard the Infinity War plot

Marvel has been known to keep information around their movies pretty close to the chest. I mean they aren’t quite at the STAR WARS/Area 51 level of secrecy, as they can let little details trickle out without sending someone to the Chokey. But still, they’re secretive enough to the point where not even people in their own workhouse know the goods.

Case in point, Scott Derrickson, director of DOCTOR STRANGE, reminisced with Yahoo about how he heard the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR plotline, proving that no information is sacred in the sanctity of The Whizz Palace:

I don’t know anything about Thor: Ragnarok — Taika [Waititi, the director] and I are Twitter friends, but I don’t know him so well. I know Joe [Russo] a lot better, and I know the plot for Infinity War because I ran into him in front of the men’s room at Marvel one day, and we just got to talking and he ended up pitching me the story of Infinity War, which was great [laughs]! So I know the basic story of Infinity War because we both had to pee at the same time — and that’s really the only reason.

The man also went on to express his excitement over future iterations of the Sorcerer Supreme, even if it’s not another solo movie:

I can’t wait to see what Taika does with Doctor Strange. He shot the tag scene, which was just a joy for me, the first time I saw it. And I enjoyed that so much, I can’t wait to see how he uses him in Thor: Ragnarok. The Russos are great filmmakers, and I’m friends with Joe, and they’re going to do amazing things with this character. I’m just glad I was able to help establish a character that was good enough to have life in those movies.

News like this is funny to me because it just goes to show that not everyone knows everything about everything. It’s not like there’s this Bilderberg group-esque retreat into the woods where studios share their plans with the entire company over a firey effigy. Just because Derrickson is a part of the Marvel universe doesn’t mean he’s CC’d on all their plans, despite what fans may want to talk to him about if they meet him by the bathroom. What can I say, the toilet is the universal meeting room.

DOCTOR STRANGE arrives on Blu-ray February 28.

Source: Yahoo



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