Scott Eastwood is a battered jaeger pilot in this Pacific Rim 2 image

pacific rim uprising banner

Earlier today we got a decent look at John Boyega's Jake Pentecost in a new image from PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING. Filming is currently underway on the Steven S. DeKnight-directed sequel, and now we have a new look at one of the other stars of the film; Scott Eastwood. There isn't much known about his character, Nate Lambert, except that he's a jaeger pilot. Judging from the picture below, it looks like he's seen better days!

Given the shaky production of the film, with Guillermo del Toro stepping down as director, I wouldn't be surprised to see a very different kind of movie in UPRISING. For one, I'm guessing we'll see some more action with the pilots OUTSIDE of their jaegers. I know that almost defeats the purpose, but del Toro seemed aware of this fact too when working on the story with the film's 4 screenwriters. That's all speculation, though. DeKnight did a decent job in bringing Daredevil to life in the Marvel Netflix show, so I hope he can do justice to PACIFIC RIM.

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING is scheduled to open in theaters on February 23, 2018.

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