Scott puffs Cigarette

You wouldn't think that Tony Scott, director of such testosterone heavy films as DOMINO and TOP GUN, would be interested in making a film about a boat maker. But when you learn a little bit more about the project, it's vintage Scott. The director has signed on to an untitled Fox project based on the life of Don Aronow, creator of the cigarette boat. In and of itself that doesn't sound very exciting but then you read that Aronow's boats became the favorite of drug runners from South America and the Aronow was later gunned down in Miami after he signed a contract to build boats for US Customs agents and turned over evidence of boat purchases to the FBI. Michael AM Lerner, a former Newsweek writer, will write the script for Fox and Scott. The project won't be Scott's next as he preps THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE with Denzel Washington for Sony Pictures. If you're interested in reading more about Aronow and his crazy life, check out this article from Men's Vogue. Just don't let anyone know that you're reading Men's Vogue. That's not too cool.

Extra Tidbit: Aronow was close friends with president George Bush.
Source: Variety



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