Scream 4 for real?

Update: Whew! Thankfully, Bloody Disgusting did a little investigating and discovered this rumor is absolutely untrue.

Scream The majority of the population may be done with the SCREAM franchise but The Weinstein Co. apparently isn't and have seemingly deluded themselves into believing there's fan outcry for a fourth round of a psychotic murderer terrorizing Sidney Prescott through a series of horror movie cliches. The folks over at Empire Online uncovered the following posting on TWC official site:

The fans have been asking for a 4th Scream movie for years and we're finally giving it to them. As far as details go, we're only in the planning stages and we may not get around to it [Scream 4] for quite some time, but rest assured, it will happen.

Hmm…who are these "fans" of whom you speak and where's this asking that they've been doing? Either way, it's coming so let's at least hope for some hotties.

Extra Tidbit: You think they can get Neve Campbell to come back?
Source: Empire Online



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