Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street posters debut as part of Mondo's Directors Series

As someone who deeply loves SCREAM and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, I was pleased to hear that the next person up for the poster treatment in Mondo's directors series is Wes Craven.

Alex Pardee is the artist responsible for the two posters you see below. Both posters pay tribute to two very memorable scenes from their respective films. Each one still creeps me out. Last night I watched the Blu-ray for SCREAM and got pissed again when Casey's parents show up. She's on the side of the porch trying to call to her Mom and all that comes out is a strained whisper. If that were me, I would have thrown the damn cordless phone on the porch to get their attention. But obviously, she wasn't meant to be saved. Any time we watch a horror movie we think of what we could do to avoid the fate that is doomed to the characters, but would we really be able to follow through if we were in that situation? Sidney said she hated when chicks ran up the stairs, and what did she do? It's not like she was going to jump over the killer to get to the front door that he was blocking.

Anywho, later there will be posters from different artists to create prints for THE HILLS HAVE EYES, SWAMP THING, and THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Both prints you see below will be on sale April 14th for $35. If you want one, follow @MondoNews for the exact time the sale will be on.

I'm pretty sure it's Casey in the SCREAM poster, but she wasn't wearing shoes...

Extra Tidbit: It's sold out, but this poster for WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is still badass.
Source: MondoTees



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