Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says that writing about Steve Jobs is similar to writing about The Beatles

Aaron Sorkin is the right man to get to write your biopic. So it was a good thing that Sony landed him for the one on Steve Jobs.

Sorkin will use Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography on Jobs as a guideline. However, the task is still a delicate one. During the AllThingsD conference today, Sorkin said this about the biopic: “It is a little like writing about The Beatles,” Sorkin said he “saw a minefield of disappointment” from Jobs aficionados in taking on the script." He continued on adding that it's difficult, “to shake the cradle to grave” approach of a book like Isaacson’s when adapting it for the screen, Sorkin says his approach is “going to identify the point of friction that appeals to me.”

When viewing biopics, Sorkin said to think of them as, “a painting, not a photograph.”

Sorkin then added that whoever they pick to play Jobs should "talk fast and be smart". He remarked that "that good actors are hard to find" and this is why he liked to work with the same people.

The last bit the screenwriter noted on was the other Jobs biopic with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role. He said that Jobs was, "a big enough person, big enough life that there’s room for more than one movie.”

Source: Deadline



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