Screw words, now you can SEE Captain America's costume!

Words. PSHAW. Who needs em. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And now we have a picture to go with the thousand words I wrote trying to describe the CAPTAIN AMERICA costume. Ain't It Cool posted some art today that aren't just fan mockups - these are the real deal.

The art you see to the right is just one of the many pieces that I was shown last week. We were asked by our source to not run the images on the site though we agreed that I could discuss them in detail. But now that AICN has posted them, it seems like fair game (also they seem to be removed of the watermarks and details that would've given away my source). You can see that it's not quite the Ultimates version of Captain America that many thought but it's somewhat close.

So now that you see what I was trying to talk about last week, what do you think? Click here to see the rest of the images at Ain't It Cool.

Source: AICN



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